February 20, 2020. A new 4,300‐square‐foot addition to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, designed by ikon.5 architects, recently broke ground in Newburgh, New York.

Sitting on the slope of Temple Hill, the site of General George Washington’s New York cantonment where he initiated the Badge of Merit—the precursor to the Purple Heart—for valorous efforts during the American Revolution, the museum is a modern temple for honor and sacrifice, distinctive yet integrated into the rustic landscape.

Inspired by the primitive rough‐hewn log cabins of the cantonment that are integrated into the wooded hillside, the museum is sited to announce its presence from the roadside entry with the historic cantonment as its background. Weathered steel and bead blasted stainless will provide a color and texture to the museum that complement the deep russet colors of the cedar cabins, feeling both a part of and distinguished from its historic site.

Internally, all exhibit and presentation spaces will focus the visitor views back out to the landscape of the cantonment. The addition will incorporate integrated audio‐visual and media presentations, as well as new exhibits with interpretive graphics, locally controlled lighting, touch‐screen interactive monitors, and multiple large‐format graphic displays that tell individual soldiers’ stories behind their Purple Heart.

"The Purple Heart is awarded to our country's bravest service members who were wounded or killed in combat while defending this state and this nation. The expansion of the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor will serve as a tribute to these men and women who have made our freedom possible and help ensure we never forget their service and sacrifice,” said Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

ikon.5 architects is the Architect for the new addition. HealyKohler Design of Washington, DC, serves as exhibit designer and J. Kokolakis Contracting of Bohemia, New York, is the builder.


Kristen Leone