Architecture is storytelling through the language of built form. It tells a story of the values of a particular people or institution in its place and time. Like poetry and prose, architecture relies on metaphor to convey a deep and lasting expression that is meaningful and timeless.

The diversity of our work results from a consistency of approach and ideation which, tempered by setting and client needs, produces a rich variation of response. We look beyond the boundaries of architecture, often to other art forms like painting, sculpture, literature and music, for inspiration and solutions. In this way, our work is at once situational, inextricably linked to the specifics of place and program, and universal in its broader aspirations to locate itself within the canon of modern architecture.

When designing in historic contexts, our sensibilities are to preserve the continuum of the story (history) that is told by an existing building or landscape, while advancing the storyline for the next generation. We do not believe that creating “frozen in time” museum pieces with historic structures is useful or meaningful to the definition of architecture, nor practical or sustainable. Instead, we advocate preserving key components with integrity and honesty so the past is understood, making thoughtful change to reflect the contemporary cultural conditions of modern life. In this way, buildings are not ‘moth-balled’ but continue to be living documents for centuries to come while reflecting current conditions. Often times, a quiet reserved modernism is an appropriate and meaningful intervention to a stalwart robust classic, thus preserving the past while advancing the future.

Our work is united in its commitment to design excellence, social and environmental responsiveness, and to the enrichment of the public realm.

We have a broad based practice in architecture, planning, landscape and interior design. Areas of practice include all aspects of education, including architecture and planning for colleges and universities, public libraries, facilities for the arts, commercial and multi-tenant residential. Our clients include global corporations, the world’s leading research institutions, non-profit community based organizations and public municipalities.