Today Lynn Pippenger Hall for the Kate Tiedemann College of Business at the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg received honorable mention in The Architect's Newspaper's 2017 Best of Design Awards' Facades category and will be featured in A|N’s end-of-year Design Awards Annual issue.

Conceived as an athenaeum for business scholars, the three-story, 68,000-square-foot building draws inspiration from its Tampa Bay setting and indigenous coral stone. Pippenger Hall’s glass façade metaphorically recalls the openings in regional organic coquina, creating a porous vessel that allows sunlight and landscaping to penetrate deep within the structure’s core. The composition is made of a ceramic fritted first pane that is double run with two tones of a circular pattern. The second pane is reflective one-way mirror glass that allows views out but reflects the patterned ceramic coating of the first pane outward. The result is a glass surface that ha a three-dimensional quality or a shadowed depth that belies its constructive flatness.

The Architect's Newspaper speaks directly to leaders in architecture and design with news, products, developments, trends, and updates. Their fifth annual Best of Design Awards is a unique project-based awards program that showcases great buildings and building elements and judges projects in 42 categories on innovation, creative use of new technology, sustainability, and good design.

Pippenger Hall was designed by the ikon.5 / Harvard Jolly Joint Venture. ikon.5 architects is a design-focused architectural practice located in Princeton, New Jersey. Harvard Jolly Architecture is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Kristen Leone