Schindler Elevator Corporation | U.S. Headquarters -- Morristown, New Jersey

145,000 SF | offices | training center | servery and kitchen | corporate dining | board room
This interior renovation of the Swiss-based Schindler Elevator Corporation transforms an existing mundane 1970s office building into a distinctive U.S. Headquarters, providing a healthy, secure, and sustainably designed workplace for its employees. Schindler’s objective was to create an environment that expressed the minimal and purist aesthetics of its Swiss engineering heritage. Inspired by contemporary artists working with light and color to illustrate space and movement, our design creates a series of one-point perspective ‘mise en scènes’ that abstractly explore movement and displacement. Simple lights arches and red Swiss-flag colored surfaces create an unadorned environment of light and color that is dynamic and minimal. Precise trim-less detailing conveys the highly engineered heritage of the Corporation. Program spaces are designed as art installations that employees and visitors can walk through and experience as three-dimensional constructs of movement and displacement. The renovation incorporates an extensive photovoltaic roof array, enhanced building envelope systems, and the use of recyclable materials in creating a highperformance workplace.