NJIT Makerspace | New Jersey Institute of Technology -- Newark, New Jersey

6,000 SF addition | 8,000 SF renovation | collaborative lounges | display and demonstration area | 3D printing and laser cutting | advanced electronics PCB creation and assembly room | electronic testing, measurement and soldering | metrology and metal shop
The NJIT Makerspace Lab is an addition and renovation to the Guttenberg Information Technology Center and is designed to support innovative interdisciplinary programs that promote entrepreneurship. The 14,000-square-foot lab is a resource for students and faculty to develop theoretical concepts into marketable prototypes. The program and design of the Makerspace lab promotes collaborative creativity through interdisciplinary teamwork using a variety of digital mediums and mechanical tools. The Makerspace is an open workspace for students and faculty to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. It provides seminar, training, and breakout rooms for group work; fabrication spaces for 3D printing, laser cutting, and printed circuit board (PCB) creation; and metrology and metal shops and assembly testing rooms, all to create prototypes and enhance creative collaboration. The interior reflects the activities of the academic program: inherently flexible for reconfiguration, adaptable for multiple applications, and industrial for durability.