National Purple Heart Hall of Honor -- New Windsor, New York

12,000 SF | welcome gallery | exhibition hall | gift shop | orientation theater | roll of honor | contemplation garden | reflection terrace | eternal flame
The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is a modern temple for commemorating the valor and sacrifice of nearly two million recipients of the Purple Heart. Sitting on the slope of Temple Hill in New Windsor. New York, the site where General George Washington established the Badge of Merit - the precursor to the Purple Heart ­ for valorous efforts during the American Revolution, the museum is distinctive yet integrated into the rustic colonial landscape. Inspired by the 18th-century rough-hewn log cantonment structures within the wooded hillside of Washington's cantonment, the Hall of Honor is sited to announce its presence from the roadside entry with the historic cantonment as its background. A sculpted arcuated portal addresses the visitors' approach from the parking lot. A welcoming promenade negotiates a steeply sloping site from parking and is lined with five granite benches dedicated to each branch of military service. Internally, all exhibit and presentation spaces focus visitor views out to the landscape to remind visitors of the Purple Heart's connection to General George Washington and this site at the New Windsor Cantonment. Externally, weathered steel provides a color and texture to the museum that complements the deep russet colors of the historic cedar cabins that surround the site, thereby feeling both a part of and distinguished from its historic context. Pre­weathered steel rain screen, solar brie soleil, photovoltaic roof cells and electric charging stations are just of few sustainable elements that are designed toward a LEED Gold rating.