Today, ikon.5's Training Recreation Education Center in Newark, New Jersey, received a 2017 Design Award of Merit from the Society of American Registered Architects at their National Celebration of Architecture & Design Awards Gala at the New Museum in New York City.

The Training Recreation Education Center (TREC) embodies the physical representation of social collectivism in Newark, New Jersey. TREC is a place where neighbors gather, exercise, and receive training to improve their prospects for gainful employment within a rapidly transforming economy. The luminous incubator is a beacon of hope that conveys a sense of welcome and openness within the community and is a public demonstration that a substantive investment has been made in Newark's future. TREC's bespoke design and full height windows allow passersby to witness the energy and rich roster of activities housed within and know it is an inviting place to gather, learn and play. The Training Recreation and Education Center revitalizes its neighborhood and empowers the citizens of Newark by providing them access to the programs and tools they need to succeed.

The Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) is a forum that provides opportunities for architects throughout the United States to unite as a common voice to work together for the betterment of the profession, for the advancement of all mankind and sustainability of the environment, and to foster the Golden Rule of "Architect helping Architect".

ikon.5 architects is a design-focused architectural practice located in Princeton, New Jersey.


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