School of Art and Design | New York State College of Ceramics -- Alfred, New York

19,000 SF | lobby | exhibition gallery | immersive gallery | art studios | expanded media studio | art history
The McGee Art Pavilion is an expansion of the School of Art and Design at New York State College of Ceramics. Taking its cues from the building’s function and the region of western New York State, the birthplace of American architectural ceramics, the pavilion is conceived as a ceramic vessel for holding art and light. Its ceramic façade, composed of unglazed terra cotta tubes and functioning as a solar and rain screen, recalls the craft that goes on inside the building. The unglazed, ruddy white pigmentation and pattern of the façade is purposely left “unfinished” like student artwork before firing. The building gestures to the campus and the street through dramatic cantilevers that engage onlookers to look at the building and explore the galleries, studios, and maker space within. The art pavilion incorporates sustainable design features, including a solar screen, radiant heating, and reflective roofing, and is designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification.