Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center -- Montclair, New Jersey

8,000 SF | visitor center / welcome lobby | temporary exhibition gallery | permanent exhibition gallery | 150-seat theatre | warming kitchen | offices
The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center is an addition and renovation of exhibition and support spaces for a museum that uses the life lessons of Yogi Berra, the New York Yankees and baseball to teach and promote good sportsmanship, respect, social justice and the pursuit of excellence. The addition is a flexible gallery space used for exhibition display, receptions, book signings and pre-function event space. The addition transforms the overall appearance of this cultural center by using transparency to communicate and initiate the visitor’s experience to the mission of the museum. Adjacent to the entry to a minor league baseball park, the museum is a glass case displaying the virtues of America’s favorite pastime. The project also involved recreating the exhibits that display baseball’s finest memorabilia and adding important support spaces that allows the facility to operate as a museum, learning center and corporate events venue.